Hey everyone, here is a few things to know about me.  My name is Britney Beus, I’m a sarcastic, fly by the seat of my pants, free-spirited kind of girl.  I’ve been known to be creative and artistic in everything I do, which is most likely what has got me here……………  chasing Fashion!!


I married Brant Beus, the most amazing man, in 2004! 13 years have already flown by and we are happier than ever. Can’t believe he has put up with my crazy, off-the-wall, inappropriate at times, personality!! 


Five years down the road, we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Sage.  She is sweet and free-spirited, with not a worry in life, letting her imagination run wild.


Five years later, we welcomed our little man, Trig.  He is your typical boy, rough and rowdy, just like boys should be.  He is four years old now, with such a big heart and a fun spirit, keeping our life full of excitement and adventure.




This blog is about my little life, full of fashion, family, fitness and whatever else pops up in my head.  Fashion has always been a passion of mine, allowing me to use my artistic and creative side to display my personality through my clothes.  With this blog, I hope that I can inspire others and help them see that by finding their style, it will bring a whole new look on life. Thanks for following!!